Social fitness analytics

A new way to measure, motivate, compete, and play

Tracking your progress to stay motivated

Put the observer effect to work for you with interesting stats and graphs of the metrics you record for each activity.

See how you measure up

Did I go farther than usual? Am I quicker than the average bear? Compare your performance on any metric against your average and against the community.

Compete with anyone, anywhere

All the social benefits of Nike+ with better data from many popular devices or entered manually. Combine data from multiple sources to get a more complete picture.

See your name in lights


Get points and awards for big climbs, long distances, and workout hours logged. Show off your bests and go for gold on the weekly activity leader boards.

Request an invitation for the ZED9 private beta to start shaping the site and your future fitness.

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Road Biking Mark posted a new 0:40h, 8.7mile workout in Road Biking: Trainer
Road Biking Mark posted a new 2:00h, 30.1mile workout in Road Biking: Genoa to Woodfords
Road Biking Mark posted a new 0:44h, 8.2mile workout in Road Biking: Trainer
Mountain Biking Mark posted a new 1:38h, 10.2mile workout in Mountain Biking: Marlette Lake